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Emailing invoices or any document from Quickbooks was working fine until recently. I do not know what changes I may have made to cause a problem. When I try to email from the software, I get the error message. They offer solutions which I tried to no avail. I contacted Quickbooks tech support and they worked through solutions which didn't work either. They concluded it is something in my setup outside of Quickbooks. I'm stuck. I have 5 computers on the network using the same database and the others all work. I am using QB 2006. I also have Adobe Acrobat 6.0 Pro installed which works fine. My computer is using Win XP with the latest service pack.
Here is the list of solutions that Quickbooks Help suggests. I did them all.

"What to do if QuickBooks cannot send forms  If QuickBooks can't send the forms you attempted to mail or e-mail, try one or more of the following solutions in the orde…

Quickbooks Send Email Any Support For Call At This Number:-1877-249-9444

QuickBooks is Unable To Send Your Emails 
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Unfit to send Mail from QuickBooks? 
QuickBooks Email Sending Process Emailing in current business is imperative for intra-organization interchanges, promoting purposes, co-appointment with business customers, clients, providers and so on. When you utilize QuickBooks to your business you generally have a few choices for email joining: WebMail, Outlook and QuickBooks Enterprise Support. On the off chance that you favor Google Gmail, you need to choose the WebMail alternative, however, once in a while clients neglect to approach their Gmail or go before their work through it. Underneath talked about are a few blunder situations and their conceivable resolutions that may resolve your email issues.

Mistake 1: QuickBooks can't send your email to Outlook 

•QB running as overseer.

•Improper QuickBooks establishment.

•Improper Outlook establishment.

•While messaging through Qu…